CeasefireMV: Islanders for Palestine

CeasefireMV, also known as MV For Palestine, is a group of people living on Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts, USA) who demand an immediate, permanent ceasefire and halt to the Israeli state's genocidal war on Gaza. We welcome all those who share our objectives: stop the genocide, and fight the lie that conflates criticism of the Israeli state with antisemitism.

Stand out to demand a ceasefire!

CeasefireMV holds standouts at the Five Corners intersection in Vineyard Haven on Sunday afternoons at 4:00 pm. Come join us! Our next standout at Five Corners will be July 28 at 4:00 pm. Please note the new time.

demonstrators demand an end to the genocide in Gaza

Sign Our Solidarity Letter

Demand a Ceasefire

We are collecting signatures for a letter to be delivered to Congressman Bill Keating and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey. If you are a resident of Martha's Vineyard and you support a ceasefire, please read and sign this letter. And share the link with your friends.

The MV Times (sometimes) publishes our writings

We support the students! This letter to the editor of the MV Times (May 9, 2024) expresses our support for the courageous college students who are protesting the US-backed genocide, and demanding that their institutions divest from corporations that facilitate or profit from it.

The MV Times declined to publish our rebuttal of another reader's letter that criticized the above-mentioned letter in support of the student movement. So CeasefireMV member David Mintz posted it on his personal blog instead: Understanding Israel-Palestine requires an awareness of history

A vote for Genocide Joe is a vote for genocide. The MV Times published this letter on February 15, 2024. Originally entitled "A vote for Biden is a vote for genocide," the MV Times subsequently changed the heading to the misleading and far more bland "Pro-Biden vote is wasted vote" (the original is available from the Wayback Machine).

In January 2024, the MV Times published two letters to the editor by our members: one by Katherine Scott and one by Linda Cohen. The former letter discusses how the theft of oil and gas is driving the US-backed Israeli war on Gaza. The latter explains that Biden's support for the genocidal war makes it morally unacceptable to vote for him.

CeasefireMV also thanks the Times for publishing in November 2023 a letter by David Mintz denouncing the war of extermination and calling for an immediate ceasefire.

In March 2024 Katherine Scott, a CeasefireMV member, offered a piece titled 'Palestine/Israel: Media Mislead Public and Maintain Historical Myths' to the MV Times as an op-ed. The Times declined to publish the piece, so we present it here.

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Judaism

CeasefireMV once again thanks the MV Times for publishing this op-ed piece in which we respond to the false conflation of opposition to genocide with antisemitism.


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If you have any questions, please email david@ceasefiremv.org.